On the shores of Lake Turkana lies unexplored home on earth with hidden treasures,your home in the wilderness. Malabo Resort gives you the best accommodation, food and entertainment in Marsabit County, Kenya. The resort sits on the slopes of a plateau which is a kilometer from the shores of the great Lake Turkana. Welcome to Malabo resort and enjoy a cold drink as you enjoy one of the best sun-downers in Marsabit County, Lake Turkana....


Superb Accomodation
Our accommodation is superb and parallel. We have 16 bungalow-style rooms with private bathrooms. Our rooms range from bandas, cottages, traditional Turkana houses, family house and a campsite. All our houses are furnished with large beds, bush showers, mosquito nets and air conditioner for a peaceful night as you drift with the whistling doum palm trees. Enjoy your night under clear sky

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Tour Activities
Bring good walking shoes and take a walking safari Around the Villages with us. Feel the Experience the cultures, smell the air and leave your footprint in the ground. There is nothing more exhilarating than experience Samburu, Rendille, Turkana and El-Molo cultures as well as learning about the Cradle home of mankind.. Our experienced guides will give you a memorable experience

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Safari Packages
In 2016, we at Malabo Resort want to make your holiday more fun and adventurous by the introduction of Safari Packages that will make accessibility to Loiyangalani Easier than before. We have introduced several safari packages that we believe it pocket friendly for all travelers. We over Safari Packages to, from and within Loiyangalani Region and its environs

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Cultural Excursion
Meet the local Samburu, Rendille, El-Molo and Turkana communities on a cultural excursion. These communities eagerly welcome guests into homes and villages to show their lifestyle and culture. These communities live in different villages give you an opportunity to learn about one community at a time. Cultural dances and traditional practices like Sorio (Passover) can be arranged. We are happy to book this excursion for you. Please inform the Management earlier so that arrangement can be made. Your guide will transfer you to the villages and back to Resort.
Visit to Rock Art Sites
Loiyangalani rock art which is believed to be more than 5000 years old is a 3 kilometers from the Resort. With the help of our experienced guide you will drive to the site where you will see rock drawing that resemble wild animals like giraffe and Kudus. Please inform the Management earlier so that arrangement can be made. You guide will take you to the site and back to Resort.
Visit to Desert Museum & Sun-downer by the Lake
As you wind up your day, your day activities swill be spiced up by an evening of pure relaxation of body and mind right at the shores of Lake Turkana. The evening drive will lead you Desert museum where you will learn about unique cultures of indigenous tribes of the Turkana Region you will also see some artifacts including traditional items focusing on weapons and hunting tools using by these communities. From the museum enjoy your walk along the Shore of Jade Sea as you watch sun go down over the blue waters of Lake Turkana.
Boat Trip to Teleki Crater & South Island National Park
Start your day with a healthy breakfast before riding to South Island National Park and Teleki Crater by boat. The journey to South Island National park is one hours ride while to Teleki crater is three hours ride. South Island National Park is home to hundreds of crocodiles as well as fish breading point. It is best for sport fishing and bird watching. Enjoy amazing sceneries from the Park.
3 days’ Trek or a day trip to mount Kulal
Mount Kulal dominates Lake Turkana eastern horizon, its forested volcanic flanks offer some serious hiking possibilities. It is home Mount Kulal chameleons, a beautiful lizard and the rear bird species Kulal White Eye. Trekking to Massi peak which is the highest you can hire donkeys to carry your gear or you can hire our 4*4 land cruisers for a lift up mount Kulal to the village of Gatab or Arapal. From there you can head for the summit and spend a long day hiking back
Other Activities
We can organize a safari drive to Sibiloi national park and Kobi fora national heritage, Illeret to visit Dasnach people, Chalbi Desert Kalacha for Gabbra Cultural excursion.